What a great afternoon playing at the NHS birthday party at the BRI turned out to be, a bit slow getting off the mark but then things went well. A good set list put together by the three Musketeers, cheers fellas. Hope you all didn't consume too much cake, of which there is a very good picture somewhere. Apparently there are pics of the band on Facebook somewhere but I have been unable to locate them, so if anyone does please let us all know.
Well performed and thanks to all who turned out. Let's do the same again at Elberton and wow the audience.
Break a leg,


A huge thank you to the band and so glad you all enjoyed it. Sincere apologies for the collasping stage! 

This is our third year and we continue to work out what works best.  I know we had excellent feedback for the Ukeaholics.
I will be in touch again as we continue with our Village events.
Kind regards, 

The sun was shining, the technical hitches were overcome, there were lots of nice favourable comments, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. We were all smiling in the photo (including Steve!😊) What’s not to like about playing Ukulele with you guys!



Great afternoon folks, pity the audience didn't drink a bit more, they may have been a bit more receptive.
All in all though, and I think you will agree, it was a good performance especially with the solos from Jon, Phil and the great Oom Pa Pa from Sue which I think should now be included in future gigs. Thanks to those who forsake, forsaked, forsook (?) the wedding in favour of the gig and to everyone who attended, very well done.



"Thornbury Ukeaholics, are you any good?"  someone asked me the other day!

Just spoken with Chris B....Saltford £105, Old Down £150 and now Tortworth £225, that's £480 in April alone!  Running total so far.... £4115....all for 'Above and Beyond'.

Any good?!  No need to reply is there?

Well done all.