Hi everyone, great night at Olverston last night, the feedback we got from the committee and audience was brilliant, more bookings are in the pipeline.

Many thanks to Stan (or is it Tommy?) for doing a fantastic job as our front man, think we all agree you got the job!

Also big thankyou to Sue, Phil and John for their brilliant harmonising and solo spots, it can't be easy.

Not forgetting Steve for all the hard work putting together and arranging the set list and songs, and of course the great bass playing!

The total raised on the night:

£116:91 Bucket collection

£60:00. From the committee

Total :£176:91

Rounded up, I will send a cheque to Above and Beyond for £180.


Afternoon everyone,
Thanks Chris for your very kind words, but it really was a fantastic night and I loved it, and like you said so did everyone there. Three encores with standing ovations don't happen very often.
Another great collection as well.

I think Steve the producer did us proud once again.

Thanks to all the band members who took part. I could tell by your faces that you were all enjoying yourselves, and the music and vocals were great, the heavy rehearsals paying off.
The standard has now been set, so lets hope we can now keep it up.
Happy Days ,




Thanks to everyone who played at the Buffs last night.  It was a brilliant performance with particular thanks to John, Chris P. and Phil our soloists and to Sue and Rose for being cheerleaders for YMCA. 

I learnt this morning that it was unanimously agreed that it was the best gig they had ever had and they are already discussing next year's performance.
We raised a total of £190.23 ( £51 from raffle - £89.23 in the bucket - £50 cheque from the committee). They definitely want us for future gigs.  Phil has already taken two requests!



Thank you all so much for making our W.I. party such a success.
You stepped in at the last minute for which I was very grateful.
We have had many compliments already, they all enjoyed the music and singing.
I am so glad the evening helped to donate so much to your charity.
We will definitely recommend you to others.


I’ve just received your cheque for £210, thank you so much. You guys are absolutely storming it. I can’t believe how much you have managed to raise for 'Above and Beyond' over the past year, it’s just been phenomenal!! I will ask Lisa to pop something on our Facebook page along with a link to our website and future gigs. I hope it will drum up some extra support for you all.



Great night at the golf club last night. The audience loved it and so did I, as I hope you all did.
Plenty of positive feedback this morning at work.
A grand fundraiser for Above and Beyond - £80 "fee" and £92 in the hat, £172 total.


Lovely afternoon at Beech House. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and talking to some of the residents, they did too.


Thank you so much for a wonderful performance at Beech House.  I and everyone else there thoroughly enjoyed it.


“Thanks to the incredible support of the Thornbury Ukeaholics and your generosity, we have been able to provide the hospitals with over £2,600 for projects in support of patient care in Bristol hospitals. Each donation really does make the world of difference and we can’t thank you enough for your generosity. If you want to do achieve something amazing for charity and have fun doing it, go to see the Thornbury Ukeaholics, you won’t be disappointed!”  -  Amy, Community Fundraising Officer at Above & Beyond.


I’m delighted to announce that we raised an amazing £306.47, the Ukeaholics were by far the 'Belle of the Ball' and we are so grateful you were able to attend.


I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the recent donation of £315 you sent in, a fantastic total!


What a cracking gig, a lot of fun and great feedback from everyone.


Last night’s performance was, according to the visitors, MAGNIFIQUE!


I have met a few of the locals who were at the “do” this morning, and they all thought it was wonderful.


All the band looked comfortable performing, not too serious and able to have a laugh, the main thing.


It's good to know that the money is going to a worthy cause and that our fund raising efforts make a real difference to patient care in Bristol hospitals.


Brilliant collection! And such good fun and company.


There were lots of good comments conveyed to me after the performance, so very well done everybody.


My favourite ever gig! Brilliant!


What a great gig it was, a fantastic audience too.
The number of people who came to congratulate us on the performance was amazing.


A brilliant night, thoroughly enjoyed it, best gig for ages, that's exactly why we all love being part of such a great bunch of people THE UKEAHOLICS, well done everybody. Ukeaholics rock!


Thank you so much for once again giving up your spare time and entertaining us so magnificently on the Green.
We all love the music you play in such a happy friendly way.
The band help to create a wonderful atmosphere which sets the tone for the whole afternoon.


It is lovely to see so many of you coming together to give SftB group such an enjoyable time. I thought you were all great.


Thank you so much for giving your time this afternoon to ensure Birthday Bob and his family were able to celebrate with ukuleles. Feedback from SftB members was very positive and I think a glance around the room showed it was an enjoyable time. As always, it was good to be with the warm, selfless group of people that Ukeaholics is. Many, many thanks.