27. Oct, 2017

British Heart Institute

Starting at 1.00pm.
Two 30 - 40 minute sets with break between.
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'

14. Oct, 2017

Thornbury Great Night Out

To support the poppy appeal run by the Royal British Legion.
Time to be confirmed.
Armstrong Hall, Thornbury.

16. Sep, 2017

Tockington Village Harvest Fayre

Starting at 2.00pm.
Two 30 - 40 minute sets, with free cream tea.
Stan's hat to be passed round to raise money for 'Above and Beyond'.

19. Aug, 2017

Olveston and District Bowling Club

Finale to Club Tournament
Starting at 6.00pm
Alveston Road, Old Down, Tockington, Bristol BS32 4PH

Thanks for co-ordinating this one Stan, brilliant night, thoroughly enjoyed it, best gig for ages, that's exactly why we all love being part of such a great bunch of people THE UKEAHOLICS, well done everybody. Ukeaholics rock!

Thanks also to everyone at Olveston and District Bowling Club...a wonderful audience...great fun to play for people who were so appreciative.

23. Jul, 2017

The Plough at Pilning

Morning all you ukers.
Many thanks to all of you who attended Sunday's gig.
There were lots of good comments conveyed to me after the performance, so very well done everybody.
So to the financial aspect. How does £160 sound to you? The total CASH IN THE HAT!! A pretty good collection, considering the weather and the diminished number of customers.
This amount will now be forwarded to 'Above and Beyond' asap. Thanks once again.
See you all Thurs.

Brilliant collection! And such good fun and company.
Here's to the next meet and gig.
Linda H

Some of us were a bit concerned we were going to be short of players this afternoon. We shouldn't have worried. As usual, Ukeaholics arrived in force. Shame about the rain which probably reduced the number of customers in the pub, but apart from that I thought it went really well.
Thanks for the support.

I think a good time was had by one and all. And we found a new (solo) kazoo star in Margaret!
Linda S

Thank you to Dave the landlord and the punters at The Plough at Pilning for the very generous donations for 'Above and Beyond'. It's good to know that the money is going to a worthy cause and that our fund raising efforts make a real difference to patient care in Bristol hospitals.
Well done and thanks to Stan for leading us, well done to Joe for his 'When I was....' solo, and well done to Margaret for her wonderful 'kazooing'. Thank you also to my wife, Linda H, for driving, so that I could enjoy some cider!

20. May, 2017

The Rose and Crown at Rangeworthy

Starting at 2.00pm
Two 30 minutes sets with burger and beer.

The highlight of the afternoon was, of course, Chris doing a spookily accurate impersonation of Mary Hopkin. He said that he'd only just bought the blonde wig, but he has been spotted wearing it in the dodgier areas of Bristol on Saturday nights.

Hi everyone,
What a superb turnout yesterday, and a great set list (thanks to Joe and Steve). All seemed to go well, except for a few minor hiccups that I am sure we can easily iron out in the next couple of weeks. All the band looked comfortable performing, not too serious and able to have a laugh, the main thing.
Chris, our liaison man with Above and Beyond will keep us informed with the info on the charity and possibly the next gig.
Thanks once again to you all for attending what I thought was a right grand afternoon.
See you Thursday.
All the best.

Thanks to everyone who played yesterday, as Stan our front man said "it was a grand afternoon".
Many thanks again Stan for your performance, compere, singing, uke playing ...and now drumming! Man of many hidden talents - what's next? Watch this space.
Apologies to Steve and Brian regarding the power, not had electricity that long in Rangeworthy, we're still getting used to it.
See you all Thursday

30. Apr, 2017

Olveston Twinning Association

Starting at 7.00pm at Olveston Parish Hall.
Two 30 minute sets with short break between.

A very enjoyable and successful gig! The highlight, of course, was Stan's excellent welcome in French! A number of enthusiastic visitors from Brehan joined us on stage for a rendition, in French, of 'This Land is Your Land', which was good fun, but not likely to win the Eurovision Song contest! We're looking forward to being invited to tour Brittany after this performance.

2. Apr, 2017

The Plough at Pilning

Starting at 2.00pm
Two 30 minutes sets with beer break between.
BS35 4JJ

A brilliant afternoon at The Plough.....the sun shone and the crowds came out in force.
A massive £160 was raised for 'Above and Beyond'.

Bowls Club Setlist August 19th