15. Dec, 2022

Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral, 5.00pm set up, Concert 7.30pm?

15. Dec, 2022

Masonic Widows Xmas Dinner

Masonic Lodge, Park Street, Bristol. 11.30am - 12.15pm

7. Oct, 2022

Memory Cafe (Thornbury?)

14. Sep, 2022

Horfield Townswomen's Guild

St Andrew's Church, Filton. 2.30pm

25. Aug, 2022

Christ the King, Bradley Stoke

Christ the King, Bradley Stoke, 2.30pm

15. Aug, 2022

St Chads, Rodway Road, Patchway

St Chads, Rodway Road, Patchway, 11.15am

27. Jul, 2022

Alexandra Lodge Garden Party

Well done all, great performance this afternoon and seemingly much appreciated by the residents. Sorry it was a bit of a squeeze, perhaps they will allow us a bit more space when we return next year.
It was an education to watch/listen as a member of the audience. Much different to only really hearing the person either side of you. I recommend everyone to do the same, if not for the whole performance then at least for two or three songs. You might be pleasantly surprised, but also have constructive comments to make.
See you tomorrow, not only for something different, but also to talk about or practice anything you weren't happy with today. Joe.

A good turnout, with sensitive singing, very enjoyable! Well done Stan for doing your excellent job again as 'master of ceremonies'. Thank you to Stan, Chris and Joe for setting up the kit at 9.00am, and to the same people, and Linda, for helping to pack up all the kit after the gig.

1. Jul, 2022

Keynsham, Grenville Jones gig.

Keynsham Parish Church.

1. Jun, 2022

Asda, Filton

To help raise money for Bristol and Weston Hospital Trust, aka Above and Beyond.

28. May, 2022

Wully's Birthday Party

New Inn, Westerleigh. CANCELLED

1. Apr, 2022

St Mary's Church

Thank you to all who came to the church last night. It was good to be out performing again and I don't think we disgraced ourselves, we were certainly an interesting contrast to the choir. How nice to have the audience clapping along with us, we should try to encourage that more in the future.
Thanks again, Joe.

Afternoon everyone,
I would like to agree with Joe's observations and also thank you all for attending. Audience participation is brilliant especially if they are familiar with the song.
See you Thursday.
Cheers, Stan.

Positive comments from Grenville also.

20th Jan, 2022

'The Buffs'

Hello everyone,
Another great performance on Thursday at the 'Buffs'. I think we all enjoyed the night and the audience certainly did! The feedback has been appreciative and positive.
As usual they were very generous and a representative from Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity was there to accept the cheque. She took the opportunity to explain where and how the money is spent and the reason for the name change from Above and Beyond.
The night raised £1,632 - the presentation cheque for £1500 plus £132 in the bucket.
Total raised to date = £13,840.
Very good start for 2022 - long may it continue.
Hope to see you all Thursday at the Wheatsheaf.

Hello Ukers,
What a great evening on Thursday, and what a fantastic audience.
We were a bit thin on the ground numbers wise, but everyone played and sang their hearts out, a tremendous performance.
Some of the new songs were fantastic.
Magnificent contribution from the Buffs again, I don't know how they do it.
Looking forward to Thursday, I might have my strength back by then.
All the best.

Great to be in action again at The Buffs last night after our extended lay off, what an amazing amount of money they donated.

To all those who were at the Buffs on Thursday - it was great to be out playing again, and the audience were fantastic. A big thank you to all for helping me move my kit and finding me a place to rest! Look forward to the next one.
Best wishes,

Thank you very much to all who helped set up the PA before we played, and also to those who helped clear the kit up afterwards. Also, many thanks to Stan for continuing to transport and store all the PA kit. Much appreciated Stan.

30th Oct, 2021

Tockington Private Birthday Party

Hello everyone,
Good performance yesterday at the Birthday Party held at Tockington School. We all seemed to enjoy it and were well received and were given a £100 donation.
Once again many thanks to Gloria for a generous donation of £170 (from both herself and her guests) following our performance at the Celebration of John’s Life.
From the three performances we have done this year (including Tockington Village Fair - £100) we have raised a total of £370 which I am sending off to the Bristol and Weston Hospitals charity (formerly Above and Beyond).
Together with the £11,838 carried over from previous years, it makes a grand total of £12,208. That seems to be it for 2021. Our next gig is on Thursday 20th January 2022 for the Buff’s at Westerleigh. That gives us twelve weeks to try some new songs and ‘tweak’ our performance!

Great news on the A&B front £12000+, who would have thought it when we first started, amazing.
Thanks to everyone for attending Tockington yesterday, great reviews and many thanks from Louise the birthday girl.
Not to blow our own trumpet, but I think we were pretty good. Well done.
See you Thursday

8th Oct, 2021

Celebrating John's Life

I think all went off very well, thank goodness, John would have loved it. All comments about our performance were positive. Have already been asked by someone if the Ukeaholics would be interested in doing a gig for a club in 2022.
(P.S. A generous donation made to 'Above and Beyond', thank you Gloria)

Thank you very much to Chris, Joe and Linda who helped set up the PA before we played, and also to those who helped clear the kit up afterwards. Also, thank you to all the Ukeaholics who turned up to play.

18th Sep, 2021

Tockington Village Fayre

Great gig at Tockington this afternoon. 
Thanks to everyone who made it. 
Much appreciated by all concerned.
Cheers, Stan.
(Donation to 'Above and Beyond'.)

Yeah, we are back!

27th Jun, 2020

MS Centre, Bradley Stoke


13th Jun, 2020

WI Rangeworthy


4th Jun, 2020

Over 50s Club, Severn Beach


16th May, 2020

Rangeworthy Beer Festival


14th Mar, 2020

Wully's Party

14 of us there to help Wully celebrate his birthday. We hope he enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

11th Mar, 2020

Rodford Ladies

Hello Ukers,
What a brilliant gig at Rodford Ladies. It was great to be part of the evening and thank you to each one of you for your company! We rocked and the audience clearly enjoyed the set – hope the feel good factor has endured for you this morning. Same again on Saturday for Wully’s gig?
Profuse apologies for my ad lib ending for ‘Walk right back’ – when, generally, endings were spot on last night as were most intros – all since the establishment of the drop box and many thanks to Jon P for hours devoted to creating this.

Hello all,
Great night at Poole Court Yate, lovely audience, full of fun and mischief!
Cheque £100
Bucket £33.39
I will send a cheque for £134 to Above and Beyond.

28th Jan, 2020

Thornbury Memory Cafe

A very good Ukeaholics turnout. We played well, with many of the audience joining in and smiling. A very enjoyable gig, with a lively set list prepared by Linda.

Letter from Louise, Memory Café:
Dear Ukeaholics,
What a fantastic performance!!! Thank you so much for coming once again to our Memory Café and providing us with a morning of high octane entertainment. I'm sure you could tell how much it was enjoyed by visitors and volunteers alike. We really do appreciate the generosity of people such as yourselves who give of their time and expertise so willingly. THANK YOU from all of us.
Memory Café Secretary

Hello All,
Thornbury Memory Café, where we played on Tuesday 28th January, have sent a cheque for £66 to Above and Beyond.
We do not expect a donation from this wonderful organisation but they always insist. Many thanks to them.

18th Jan, 2020

The Buffs

Good Morning all,
What a Saturday night. I thought we were on fire with a brilliant appreciative audience.
Lovely to meet Laura from Above and Beyond. She was disappointed she couldn't meet every band member on Saturday. She is very keen for us all to meet soon - perhaps a gig in the BRI.
The fact that she left a dinner party to attend the presentation and then give an excellent speech about Above and Beyond, the Buffs and us, I thought was a great acknowledgement of our efforts.
From Saturday night we had two enquiries to play at two parties. One party is for Wully the local vicar in Westerleigh (we performed last year for him at the New Inn Westerleigh). He would prefer a Friday night in March, either the 6th or 13th if not, maybe Saturday 14th.
The other birthday party will be in touch.
Along with the £1500 donation, we collected £57.37 in the bucket for our and THEIR rendition of 'Alice'!
Hope to see you all Thursday at the Wheatsheaf.

23rd Dec, 2019

Windmill House Care Home

The residents seemed to enjoy our songs.

15th Dec, 2019

Byron Bash

Byron's Xmas Party, Eden Grove Church Hall, Horfield., 2.00pm.
A very pleasant afternoon, with excellent trifle!

13th Dec, 2019

Ukeaholics Xmas Party

Thank you to Margaret and Sandra for organising this party, enjoyed by all, even Steve!

21st Nov, 2019

North Bristol Retirement Fellowship

6th Nov, 2019

Poppy Appeal at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway

Good to play there, a bit tricky to hear everyone in the first set, but a 'repositioning' improved the second set. Many people listened, with a decent amount of applause.

26th Oct, 2019

80th birthday

Good night at Patchway had some lovely comments regarding our performance.
£100 donation
£ 46.60 bucket
I will send a cheque to Above and Beyond for £150.

Great gig, thanks to all of you who took part .
Nice bucket Chris.

Just thought I would let you know...the Patchway Memory Café went down to the Harp in Clevedon for lunch today, and Margaret, who is a volunteer with them, came up to me, gave me a great big hug and said how much both she, and everyone else, enjoyed our performance last Saturday. She really was thrilled that it was such a success !

2nd Oct, 2019

Rodford Ladies

Dear Ukeaholics,
Thank you for a really fabulous evening, we had such fun. We will definitely ask you back some time.
You work so hard and the money you have raised in the time you have been together is wonderful.
Take care and our very best wishes to the group.

24th Aug, 2019

Thornbury Rugby Club

Hello everyone,
First and foremost a huge thank you from Linda and me for all who joined us on Saturday night.  Your playing and singing really made the party special and we have received many many five star reviews!   Everyone was truly amazed at how accomplished and impressive the band were.   So thank you to all who joined our celebration.
We were both very touched by your generosity with the flowers (which are beautiful and fresh by the way), the wine, the card and, of course, the donation.  Thank you.
The total for the night was £685 - that is £170 from the band and £515 from family and friends.   
The total raised for August is £805 made up as follows -
10th August - Windmill House      £100
(15th June) - Littleton Wedding    £20.    (Extra donation received)
24th August Party                           £685
This means that so far this year from Jan to Aug we have raised a total of £2751.00 so the overall total to date is £9002.94
Thank you once again for making it such a fun night on Saturday.
Chris and Linda

10th Aug, 2019

Windmill House Care Home BBQ

Morning All,
Turned out to be a great gig yesterday.
Super reviews from the staff. Thanks and very well done to you all. 
Cheers Stan 

Good gig yesterday with a particularly appreciative audience, a lot of fun.

9th Jul, 2019

Saltford Community Centre

Another successful gig, and a good time had by all. The Aussies loved it.
Thanks to all who turned out and sang their socks off, brilliant performances.
Special thanks to Gloria for organising the gig and producing such a great set list.
All the best, Stan

29th Jun, 2019

Gillingstool Summer Fair

Hello Ukeaholics,
I just wanted to send a proper thank you for coming to play at the Gillingstool Summer Fair. It was a lovely soundtrack to the day, enjoyed by all and contributed to making the day a big success.
Thanks for coping with the extreme heat!!!
Kind regards, Eleanor, on behalf of the friends of Gillingstool.

Well, 24 hours later I have just about recovered. Wasn't it hot, I think I may have been in the coolest spot outside of the igloo for at least there was some air. 
I was knackered by the time we finished. 
Went home to a cold shower followed by 6 pints of lovely cold beer. 
Thanks to all who turned out for the gig. Shame we couldn't do our full set list that was planned. But as it was, that was a relief!
Still there was plenty of great Ukeing and singing from everyone. We came through and prevailed. 
Not one of our better gigs sound wise, but we know now what to expect when asked to do the "School Fete".
Well done everyone.
Don't forget it's the Aussies next, at least it can't be any hotter. 
See you Thursday.
All the best, 

Hi Everyone,
Thanks to Joe and Steve for all your hard work setting up for the day, to Stan for running the show, and to the people who stayed behind to clear up the kit and load it into Stan's car. Sorry I couldn’t stay to help clear up. Family get together for lunch.
School Fairs outside are never going to be easy, but some people definitely enjoyed the music. The ice cream in the interval helped some of us to lubricate the vocals and cool down!
Cheers for now,
Adrian (with additions from Steve)

15th Jun, 2019


Wedding Reception - Littleton upon Severn
Many positive comments received during the performance, and a lovely letter from Liz, the bride's mother:

Dear Ukeaholics,
Thank you very much for your skill and entertainment on Saturday 15th June, 2019. You were superb and just what was needed to jolly along Debbie's guests. They all asked where we found you and what fun you were. Sorry about the weather!
Many thanks and much admiration.
From Liz (Mother of the Bride)

And many thanks to Liz and Julian for the superb donation to 'Above and Beyond'.

8th Jun, 2019

Old Sodbury Village Day

Hello everyone,
Another cracking performance by the Ukeaholics last Saturday, despite doing battle with the weather.
As the event wasn't a 'bucket' gig, only £30 was collected in the bucket, + £100 from the committee, making a total of £130 for Above and Beyond.

What a good gig it turned out to be, that massive sound system worked really well and showed us off to the crowd. Thanks to everyone who turned up I think there were 12 of us and it was a great performance. Well done.

Well done to all who played today at Old Sodbury. The stage stayed up this year but the mighty winds were a challenge.

Thank you for supporting our village day. Great to see you there. Hope you had an enjoyable day

18th May, 2019

Rangeworthy Beer Festival

Hello everyone,
Special thanks to Gloria, Sandra, Phil, Alan, Adrian, Charles, John (percussion) and, in particular Joe, who was responsible for co-ordinating the gig on the day.
We have agreed in the past that ten players was the minimum number for a gig, however, the magnificent eight did a great performance which raised £80 in the bucket plus a cheque for for £150 from the committee. Also thanks to Sandra's husband who took on the job as 'roadie'.
See you soon

3rd May, 2019

Windmill House Care Home, Old Down

Dear Ukeaholics,
I personally wanted to send extreme thanks for your visit this week………………..myself and the residents thoroughly enjoyed it, and as you may have seen, I was up dancing with some of the residents……not a pretty sight seeing me!
I thought you were amazing and the feedback I have received is all promising and the residents and staff are asking when you are returning.
Do you have any dates available? And would you consider playing if we held a summer BBQ?

18th Apr, 2019

Severn Beach 'Over 50s'

Hello everyone,
Another great performance today, and nobody left early!
Committee £60, bucket rounded up to £50, making a total of £110.
So far this year we have raised £899 making our grand total £7150.94.

13th Apr, 2019

Bowls Club - Olveston

Thanks to everyone who attended the Bowls Club gig last night, apart from my two, ever so slight errors, it went down really well for the first half.
Therefore it was a great shame the audience had all gone to bed by the time we were ready for the second half. Still I think you all enjoyed the buffet.
The Club committee were very apologetic when they came and paid the money, explaining that all the members had been there since 1pm and it was basically getting to bed-time.
Did you notice they were all " old people", not like us. Still well done folks, a very good show.

Another great performance by the Ukeaholics on Saturday. Shame two thirds of them left at half time! Apparently they had a long day bowling and were so weary even our music couldn't lift them!
Thanks again Stan for being a great 'front man', well done mate.
The committee donation was £80.
The bucket was £56.
Total for Above and Beyond £136.

2nd Mar, 2019

Wully's birthday, The New Inn, Westerleigh

Hello all,
Thanks to everyone who came along at such short notice. Wully was overwhelmed with our commitment and performance as reflected in his speech. Surprise of the night when his 'congregation' were chanting "we want Alice!"
It was a fantastic night with a lovely group of Ukeaholics. Our performance was spot on, plus 3 encores and again some brilliant comments.
Wully's cheque for £100, plus £108.60 in the bucket, rounded up to £110, makes a total of £210 for Above and Beyond.
Hope to see you Thursday.

24th Feb, 2019

Birthday Party

Hi all,
Many thanks to everyone who played at the birthday bash and for giving up a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.
Again the feedback after the party was brilliant with some wonderful comments, even though during our performance the guests were enjoying each others company so much we didn't get a lot of applause, we were background music! Apparently some were catching up after many years.
But some must have been listening! £110 in the bucket + £100 cheque. Rangeworthy birthday party £210
Buffs annual bash £233
Making a total for February 2019 of £433.
Great start for us and Above and Beyond.
See you Thursday

Nice one Chris
Yet another fine performance by the Ukeaholics. Many thanks to the players who once again turned out in force to make it another great afternoon on behalf of A&B.
All the best,

....and also many thanks again to Stan for bringing the kit, and to the usual suspects, for helping to set up the kit before the gig and also many thanks to Shirley and Richard and again the usual suspects who helped clear it after the gig and load it into Stan's car.

16th Feb, 2019

Westerleigh Village Hall - 'The Buffs'

First of all, what a great night on Saturday, lots of fun and our efforts very much appreciated, so much so we have our first booking for 2020!
We received a cheque for £100 from the committee, and £133 in the bucket, making a total of £233 on the night for Above and Beyond.
Total we have raised for Above and Beyond up to December 2018 is 6251.94.

Another fantastic gig on Saturday with a fantastic audience, and a super performance by the band, all reflected in the size of the donation. Excellent, bring on the next gigs!

20th Dec, 2018

'Masonic Widows' Group' Christmas Party.

'Masonic Widows' Group' Christmas Party.

Dear All
Thank you for taking part in the widows' Christmas party this morning. Very many positive comments: "You've made my Christmas"; "I really enjoyed that - much better than what we usually get!" Many of our 'business' cards given out at the end and one likely follow on gig already talked about.
I thought we made a reasonable stab at some of the Christmas songs - let's not practise yet for next year!! Other songs spot on and comforting like old slippers. As always, a fabulous blend of voices and good to be with a great bunch of people.
Thanks for a brilliant year of music-making, collecting for Above and Beyond and much friendship and laughter. Hope you all have a good Christmas and New year and see you soon.

15th Dec, 2018

Thornbury Cricket Club

Saturday, 15th December. 6.00pm start.

Lots of children, horrendous weather and the 'Strictly' final are not the best ingredients for a rocking Ukeaholics gig. Sorry it had to be cut short tonight, never mind, it was great to see Natalie there, and it was for a very good cause. On the strength of our performance it seems likely the we have picked up three additional gigs for 2019!
Many thanks to all for turning up.

6th Dec, 2018

Thornbury Golf Club

Christmas Dinner - 9.00pm start for about 45 minutes.

Great night at the golf club, with everyone on form. Pity about the 30 minute delay, but they were very apologetic.
Big thanks to the girls with YMCA once again - you were brilliant, not forgetting our soloists, John and Phil and of course Stan, our front man. Well done everybody.
Committee donation £80, bucket £157, total £237.
That makes a grand total to date of £6,176. 94.
We can all be very proud of ourselves.

Top notch Chris, a right grand do. I think also a record Ukeaholics turnout, I counted 18 artistes performing and performing well I might add. Thanks to all of you.

The golf club gig was great tonight - I had very positive comments from several very enthusiastic punters afterwards.
All the best,

13th Nov, 2018

Memory Cafe, Thornbury Methodist Church Hall

10.30am, Thornbury Memory Café, Methodist Church Hall.

Thank you to all those who gave up time to play today. It's good to play with a great bunch of people......I think we played really well, and it was great to see and hear so many of the audience joining in!

Everything was wonderful. I certainly enjoyed it and the feedback I’ve had has been more than favourable. It was very much appreciated. We would very much like to have you again in the new year should you have the time.

Dear Everyone,
On behalf of everyone (visitors and volunteers) at Thornbury Memory Café, I would like to thank you all so much for coming to entertain us on the 13th of this month. Looking around the room as you played and observing people's reactions, I would say you were 'spot on' with your choice of songs. There were not many who were not moved to sing, clap or tap at some point. Music really does seem to touch those living with dementia in a way that other forms of communication might not.
So once again, thank you one and all.
Kind regards,

17th Oct, 2018

Singing for the Brain

Wednesday, 17th October. 'Singing for the Brain' group at St. Mary's Church Hall in the afternoon, 2.00 - 3.15.

Thank-you so much for arranging today, and please send my heart-felt thanks back to the group.
It was a fantastic fun-filled, totally enjoyable afternoon, and was a wonderful way to remember our much loved group members who brought so much joy to our lives.
I do hope we will have you all back again before too long.

Thanks for all your hard work Linda arranging the set list.
We had a donation £50 which I will send to Above and Beyond.

Dear All,
Many, many thanks for coming along to Singing for the Brain this afternoon. I think there is little doubt the members, carers and volunteers enjoyed the event - good to see so many singing along throughout. I thought it was a very happy performance, with good harmonious singing and much fun - great, as always, to be playing with such a wonderful group of people. Good solos etc., and a couple more intros on the way. I know some of you enjoyed it too - and hope it was a good afternoon for Maggie. I think Harry would have enjoyed it. Well done Sandra for your premiere - hope you enjoyed it and will come along to more.

Hi Linda,
Thanks for organising the fantastic gig yesterday. The set list and arrangements were in my opinion the best we have had. Having done one of these gigs in the past, I didn't realise that you can enjoy yourself as much with a fantastic audience like we had. Amazing.
All the best,

5th Oct, 2018

Thornbury Rugby Club

Friday, 5th October 2018. Golden Wedding Party at Thornbury Rugby Club.

1st Oct, 2018

Coalpit Heath Village Hall

Monday, 1st October 2018 - 7.00 pm at Coalpit Heath Village Hall

Many thanks to Gloria for organising this gig, and yet again, excellent work from our soloists, Sue, Phil and John. Hopefully, the visitors from Boulder, Colorado enjoyed the evening. We hope they have a good time in Germany, and a safe journey back to the USA. £150 raised for 'Above and Beyond' - thank you very much to the Friendship Force and their American visitors for their generosity.

29th Jul, 2018

Filton Twinning Association

Filton Twinning Association bash at Elm Park in Filton, entertaining visitors from St. Vallier-sur-Rhone, France and Witzenhausen, Germany.

Hello everyone,
Had a great time this afternoon - great feedback and audience
participation, which always makes it good fun. Just to let you
know we raised a total of £337.76 (£100 from the committee plus £237.76 from the bucket). I will round this up with a cheque to ‘Above and Beyond’ for £340). I think this is probably our best ever with regards to money raised, so very well done everybody.
Also can someone start researching flights to Germany via EasyJet for October - apparently someone has expressed interest in making a booking!
Finally, a special thanks to Gloria for organising and arranging the
set list. Gloria please can you let the committee know the total
amount raised.
See you soon.

On arrival I was blown away. As the venue was "The Badminton Hall" I expected a huge hall with tables all around the sides, It was a huge hall, but it was rammed and we even had to move people to make room for the band, never been known before.
What an amazing audience, they started to clap along with Enjoy Yourself and never stopped all the way through.
Thanks for the set list and the organising Gloria. It was brilliant.
Our own Peter, Paul and Mary (Sue, Phil and Jon) excelled, and Oom Pa Pa brought the house down, a wonderful performance Sue. Even drummer John managed his 4 beats, well done John.
I reckon Rose is the best YMCA dancer around.
Thanks to Charles who did a great job filling in for Steve, what a difference a bass makes.
All of you Ukeaholics should be proud of yourselves for performing on such a fantastic gig and spreading the ‘holics word all over Europe.
One of the best, if not the best gig, reflected in the collection.
Well done everyone, all the best.

28th Jul, 2018

Beech House, Summer Garden Party

Beech House in Thornbury, playing at their Summer Garden Party, two 30 minute sets, between 2.00.pm and 4.00pm.

Beech House on Saturday was very much a challenge with the adverse weather conditions and the lack of players; there were only eight of us. Diehards that we are though, we played two good sets and it went down very well, much appreciated by all the residents and staff who despite their ages were able to combat the weather better than us with their accompaniments and applause. All in all good gig.

14th Jul, 2018

Severn Beach

A gig arranged by Stan - "I hope everyone will be able to attend, as I think it should be on their bucket list to visit Severn Beach before they die."
1.30pm, one 45 minute set.

6th Jul, 2018

Elberton Village Hall

Great reviews have been received, everyone was very impressed.
Another feather in our cap. Well done everyone. I thought the atmosphere on stage for this gig was really brilliant, everyone seemed so relaxed and it made the night. Thanks to all who turned out.

5th Jul, 2018

NHS 70th birthday party at the BRI

A request from 'Above and Beyond' to play at the BRI to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS. 2.00pm - 4.00pm.

Hi everyone, great afternoon at the NHS tea party.
See you tomorrow night.

Thanks everyone - great fun, good performance and it was obviously very much appreciated by the punters.

What a great afternoon it turned out to be, a bit slow getting off the mark but then things went well. A good set list put together by the three Musketeers, cheers fellas. Hope you all didn't consume too much cake, of which there is a very good picture somewhere. Apparently there are pics of the band on Facebook somewhere but I have been unable to locate them, so if anyone does please let us all know.
Well performed and thanks to all who turned out. Let's do the same again at Elberton and wow the audience.
Break a leg,

9th Jun, 2018

Old Sodbury Village Day

Two 45 minute sets, with beer and burger break between.
12.30 to 1.15am and 1.45 until 2.30pm.

19th May, 2018

The Rose and Crown at Rangeworthy

Rose and Crown Beer Festival
Starting at 2.00pm, meet at 1.30pm.

Mornin' all,
Great afternoon folks, pity the audience didn`t drink a bit more, they may have been a bit more receptive.
All in all though, and I think you will agree, it was a good performance especially with the solos from Jon, Phil and the great Oom Pa Pa from Sue which I think should now be included in future gigs. Thanks to those who forsake, forsaked, forsook (?) the wedding in favour of the gig and to everyone who attended very well done.
See you all Thursday.
All the best,

29th Apr, 2018

Tortworth Court

A request via Stan, to play at a 50th Anniversary.
Meet outside The Orangery at 2.45, start playing at 3.00pm for an hour, with a short break after 30 minutes. Free bar!!!
Set list at the bottom of this page.

14th Apr, 2018

Saltford Community Centre

Playing for the Bristol Friendship Force, entertaining some Mexican visitors.
Starting at 3.00pm.
Saltford Community Hall in Saltford (nr Keynsham)

Just to say many thanks to all for supporting the Gig at Saltford Hall last Saturday. I think everyone had a good time, in fact a BFF member said to me how dull the afternoon would have been if the Ukeaholics hadn't been playing !!

7th Apr, 2018

Old Down Country Park Cafe

Playing for an 80th birthday party.
Starting at 6.30pm.
Two 30 minute sets.

Received a cheque from John for our performance at his wife's 80th birthday party. £150 was very generously donated to Above and Beyond .
His family and friends enjoyed the night and we also had some lovely comments from the audience, so well done everyone.

1st Mar, 2018

Stroke Support Group

Cancelled due to bad weather.

17th Feb, 2018

Olveston and District Bowling Club

Starting at 7.30pm.
Two 50 minute sets.
A break between sets.
60s theme.
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'.
Alveston Road, Old Down, Tockington, Bristol BS32 4PH

Hi everyone, great night at Olveston last night, the feedback we got from the committee and audience was brilliant, more bookings are in the pipeline.
Many thanks to Stan, (or is it Tommy?) for doing a fantastic job as our front man, think we all agree you got the job!
Also big thank you to Sue, Phil and John for their brilliant harmonising and solo spots, it can't be easy.
Not forgetting Steve for all the hard work putting together and arranging the set list and songs, and of course the great bass playing!
The total raised on the night:
£116:91 Bucket collection
£60:00. From the committee
Total :£176:91
Rounded up, I will send a cheque to Above and Beyond for £180.

Afternoon everyone,
Thanks Chris for your very kind words, but it really was a fantastic night and I loved it, and like you said so did everyone there. Three encores with standing ovations don't happen very often.
Another great collection as well.
I think Steve the producer did us proud once again.
Thanks to all the band members who took part. I could tell by your faces that you were all enjoying yourselves, and the music and vocals were great, the heavy rehearsals paying off.
The standard has now been set, so lets hope we can now keep it up.
Happy Days ,

13th Jan, 2018

Westerleigh Village Hall - 'The Buffs'

Starting at 7.00pm.
Two 40 - 45 minute sets with break between.
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'.

Thanks to everyone who played at the Buffs last night. It was a brilliant performance with particular thanks to John, Chris P. and Phil our soloists and to Sue and Rose for being cheerleaders for YMCA.

I learnt this morning that it was unanimously agreed that it was the best gig they had ever had and they are already discussing next year's performance.
We raised a total of £190.23 ( £51 from raffle - £89.23 in the bucket - £50 cheque from the committee). They definitely want us for future gigs. Phil has already taken two requests!

9th Jan, 2018

Women's Institute, Falfield

Starting at 9.00pm
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'.

Thank you all so much for making our party such a success.
You stepped in at the last minute for which I was very grateful.
We have had many compliments already, they all enjoyed the music and singing.
I am so glad the evening helped to donate so much to your charity.
We will definitely recommend you to others.

22nd Dec, 2017

'The Railway' at Charfield

Starting at 9.00pm.
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'.
56 Wotton Road
GL12 8SR

9th Dec, 2017

Clifton Down Shopping Centre, Bristol.

Starting at 1.00pm.
Two 40 - 45 minute sets with break between.
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'.

After Network Rail decided to disrupt our wonderful travel plans by taking up the track at Severn Beach, we managed to get to the venue by car and arrived in time thanks to Phil's navigational expertise.
I think there was about 11 of us in attendance, and between us we created some nice sounds, and judging by the reaction of the changing audience, with their applause and smiles, they enjoyed it.
Thanks to everyone who turned up. I am sure it will be appreciated by A and B.
Keeeeep Pluckin'.

1st Dec, 2017

Thornbury Golf Club - 'Annual Prize Giving'

Starting at 9.00pm
Playing for 1 hour.
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'.

Great night at the golf club last night. The audience loved it and so did I, as I hope you all did.
Plenty of positive feedback this morning at work.
A grand fundraiser for Above and Beyond - £80 "fee" and £92 in the hat, £172 total.
Keep Pluckin.

30th Oct, 2017

Beech House, Bill's Birthday

Starting at 2.30pm
A performance in Beech House Conservatory to help celebrate Bill's 96th birthday.
A kind donation received for 'Above and Beyond'.

Dear All
Many thanks for the music and company at Beech House yesterday. Thank you for giving of your time. Very many positive comments from several of the residents who enjoyed our session for Bill. Bill's wife, Jean, enjoyed the afternoon and was exceedingly grateful, though she pointed out Bill had slept through much of our playing! And why not when you're 96!
Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday and/or the next Ukeaholics gig.
Best wishes
Linda and Stephen

Thank you so much for a wonderful performance. I and everyone else there thoroughly enjoyed it.
I don't think Bill really realised it was his birthday but enjoyed all the attention, the music and his presents and cards.
Best wishes to you all.

27th Oct, 2017

British Heart Institute, Horfield Road, Bristol

Starting at 1.00pm.
Two 30 - 40 minute sets with break between.
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'.

Thank you so much to you all the Thornbury Ukeaholics for giving up your time to perform at the BHI. I had the very best day, all my cares disappeared as I listened to Delilah and I have no doubt that the patients, staff and visitors felt exactly the same way. The atrium was full of smiles! I can’t thank you enough.
I am under strict instructions from several of the nurses, and the receptionist, to let them know as a matter of urgency if you decided to perform again. You were a hit!!

“Thanks to the incredible support of the Thornbury Ukeaholics and your generosity, we have been able to provide the hospitals with over £2,200 for projects in support of patient care in Bristol hospitals. Each donation really does make the world of difference and we can’t thank you enough for your generosity. If you want to do achieve something amazing for charity and have fun doing it, go to see the Thornbury Ukeaholics, you won’t be disappointed!” - Amy Barnard-Smith, Community Fundraising Officer at Above & Beyond.

21st Oct, 2017

'The Railway' at Charfield

Starting at 9.00pm.
Two 35 - 40 minute sets with midway beverage break.
Raising money for 'Above and Beyond'.
56 Wotton Road
GL12 8SR

Hi all,
Another successful Ukeaholics gig last night at the Railway Tavern.
Great that a good number of us were available for a rainy damp Saturday night.
We raised £116.60 (£70 from the publicans + £46.60 collected in Stan's hat).
I will send a cheque for £120 to Above and Beyond.
In addition to this we have raised £50 from the Tockington Village Green plus £50 for 'singing for the brain' - so a total of £220 has been raised in recent weeks.
The Railway Tavern are very keen to book us again for December and asked if we could include a couple of Christmas songs! Dates to be arranged.
See you Thursday

14th Oct, 2017

Thornbury Great Night Out

The 'Thornbury Great Night Out' at the Armstrong Hall has been cancelled.

29th Sep, 2017

British Heart Institute, Horfield Road, Bristol

Time 11.00am - 1.00pm.
Launch of the £850,000 appeal for the heart institute.
Two 30 - 40 minute sets with 'cake break' between.

Thirteen 'Ukeaholics' played in the atrium of the Bristol Heart Institute, doing our bit to help launch the £850,000 BHI appeal.
Reports are that yet again we were 'amazing', with many passers by joining in, some stopping to listen, and very many with smiles on their faces! Well done again Ukeaholics!

20th Sep, 2017

'Singing for the Brain' - St. Mary's Church Hall, Thornbury

A request to play at short notice, but 'Thornbury Ukeaholics' rallied to the call!

Dear All,
Thank you so much for giving your time this afternoon to ensure Birthday Bob and his family were able to celebrate with ukuleles. Julie, Bob's daughter, was extremely grateful to us and had really enjoyed the afternoon. Feedback from SftB members was very positive and I think a glance around the room showed it was an enjoyable time for most, if not all participants. My dad certainly enjoyed it.
As always, it was good to be with the warm, selfless group of people that Ukeaholics is. Many, many thanks.

Thanks Linda,
I really enjoyed this afternoon and much prefer these types of gigs, as opposed to the ones where you are in the way of the burger stall.
To see the old folks enjoying themselves is very rewarding.
And I thought we played well, some songs are a bit too low for me, but that makes it more within the ladies' range.
See you tomorrow night.

Hi all,
Many thanks to you Linda and Steve for organising such a great set at such short notice! It is lovely to see so many of you coming together to give SftB group such an enjoyable time. My Dad always loves to hear the ukuleles and joined in with the singing too.
My first gig with Ukeaholics - I thought you were all great, thanks for having me there!
Maggie x

A kind donation received for 'Above and Beyond'.

16th Sep, 2017

Tockington Village Harvest Fayre

Starting at 2.00pm.
Two 30 - 40 minute sets, with free cream tea.
Stan's hat to be passed round to raise money for 'Above and Beyond'.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort and travelled to far flung Tockington yesterday. The weather held and the performance terrific.

A couple of minor technical issues, but that was only to be expected with using the new equipment etc. Lots of good positive comments from the audience afterwards. All in all a great afternoon and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. There would have been more cream teas, but Alan was at the front of the queue, also I am sure that Sue will still be eating that "big as her ukulele" piece of carrot cake for the rest of the week.
Despite the large audience, we only managed to collect £50 for 'Above and Beyond'.
Happy Days,

Dear Stan and all members of Thornbury Ukeaholics,
Thank you so much for once again giving up your spare time and entertaining us so magnificently on the Green.
We all love the music you play in such a happy friendly way.
The band help to create a wonderful atmosphere which sets the tone for the whole afternoon.
You also helped us to raise an amazing £2407 which goes towards the upkeep of all our buildings, which in turn are well used by many local groups and organisations.
Our grateful thanks to you all.
Trevor Watkins

19th Aug, 2017

Olveston and District Bowling Club

Finale to Club Tournament
Starting at 6.00pm
Alveston Road, Old Down, Tockington, Bristol BS32 4PH

Thanks for co-ordinating this one Stan, brilliant night, thoroughly enjoyed it, best gig for ages, that's exactly why we all love being part of such a great bunch of people THE UKEAHOLICS, well done everybody. Ukeaholics rock!

Thanks also to everyone at Olveston and District Bowling Club...a wonderful audience...great fun to play for people who were so appreciative.

Mornin' all,
First of all, thanks Joe for your kind comments, and as you said, what a great gig it was. Mind you it was a fantastic audience too.
The number of people who came to congratulate us on the performance was amazing.
I'm sure that you will all be delighted to hear that we raised a grand total of £196.60 for Above and Beyond. Tremendous.
Many, many thanks to everyone who took part last night. Let's look forward to the next gig.
All the best,

My favourite ever gig! Brilliant! And only £2.20 a pint! Thanks very much to Steve and Joe and Stan for organising/leading.
A couple of videos came out quite well. I will edit these later and put them on You tube (unless anyone has any objections) and send out a link.
Well played and sang everyone.

Sounds like I missed a great one.
Well done gang.

It was indeed a great experience. Still buzzin'!
Thanks to all.

Sorry I missed such a good gig.
Margaret P

23rd Jul, 2017

The Plough at Pilning

Morning all you ukers.
Many thanks to all of you who attended Sunday's gig.
There were lots of good comments conveyed to me after the performance, so very well done everybody.
So to the financial aspect. How does £160 sound to you? The total CASH IN THE HAT!! A pretty good collection, considering the weather and the diminished number of customers.
This amount will now be forwarded to 'Above and Beyond' asap. Thanks once again.
See you all Thurs.

Brilliant collection! And such good fun and company.
Here's to the next meet and gig.
Linda H

Some of us were a bit concerned we were going to be short of players this afternoon. We shouldn't have worried. As usual, Ukeaholics arrived in force. Shame about the rain which probably reduced the number of customers in the pub, but apart from that I thought it went really well.
Thanks for the support.

I think a good time was had by one and all. And we found a new (solo) kazoo star in Margaret!
Linda S

Thank you to Dave the landlord and the punters at The Plough at Pilning for the very generous donations for 'Above and Beyond'. It's good to know that the money is going to a worthy cause and that our fund raising efforts make a real difference to patient care in Bristol hospitals.
Well done and thanks to Stan for leading us, well done to Joe for his 'When I was....' solo, and well done to Margaret for her wonderful 'kazooing'. Thank you also to my wife, Linda H, for driving, so that I could enjoy some cider!

20th May, 2017

The Rose and Crown at Rangeworthy

Starting at 2.00pm
Two 30 minutes sets with burger and beer.

The highlight of the afternoon was, of course, Chris doing a spookily accurate impersonation of Mary Hopkin. He said that he'd only just bought the blonde wig, but he has been spotted wearing it in the dodgier areas of Bristol on Saturday nights.

Hi everyone,
What a superb turnout yesterday, and a great set list (thanks to Joe and Steve). All seemed to go well, except for a few minor hiccups that I am sure we can easily iron out in the next couple of weeks. All the band looked comfortable performing, not too serious and able to have a laugh, the main thing.
Chris, our liaison man with Above and Beyond will keep us informed with the info on the charity and possibly the next gig.
Thanks once again to you all for attending what I thought was a right grand afternoon.
See you Thursday.
All the best.

Thanks to everyone who played yesterday, as Stan our front man said "it was a grand afternoon".
Many thanks again Stan for your performance, compere, singing, uke playing ...and now drumming! Man of many hidden talents - what's next? Watch this space.
Apologies to Steve and Brian regarding the power, not had electricity that long in Rangeworthy, we're still getting used to it.
See you all Thursday

30th Apr, 2017

Olveston Twinning Association

Starting at 7.00pm at Olveston Parish Hall.
Two 30 minute sets with short break between.

A very enjoyable and successful gig! The highlight, of course, was Stan's excellent welcome in French! A number of enthusiastic visitors from Brehan joined us on stage for a rendition, in French, of 'This Land is Your Land', which was good fun, but not likely to win the Eurovision Song contest! We're looking forward to being invited to tour Brittany after this performance.

Mornin' all you Ukeaholics,
Well what can I say, after last nights performance which was according to the visitors MAGNIFIQUE (I think). Well done everyone, it was truly in my view one of the best, if not the best of performances that we have done. I have met a few of the locals who were at the “do” this morning, and they all thought it was wonderful.
Phil excelled with “Those were the Days” as did Jonathon with his “Mama”, but what about Chris with his impromptu strip show!
Many thanks to all who took part. Let's look forward to the next gig.
Thanks once again.
All the best,

Hi all,
What a cracking gig, a lot of fun and great feedback from everyone.
A member of the audience donated £20 extra, I'd like to think it was for my strip routine!

2nd Apr, 2017

The Plough at Pilning

Starting at 2.00pm
Two 30 minutes sets with beer break between.
BS35 4JJ

A brilliant afternoon at The Plough.....the sun shone and the crowds came out in force.
A massive £160 was raised for 'Above and Beyond'.

Hi Chris,
I hope you and all at Thornbury Ukeaholics are well.
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the recent donation of £315 you sent in, a fantastic total! I will send out a thank you letter and certificate to Dave McCloud today to thank him and the Plough’s customers for their generosity!
Thank you once again Chris.
Best wishes,
Community Fundraising Officer

  • Here is the suggested set list for Alexandra Lodge.
  1. Enjoy Yourself  C 
  2. All My Loving  C  
  3. Country Roads  G  
  4. Leaving of Liverpool  C
  5. Green Door   A
  6. Maggie May   C
  7. Blackpool Belle  C
  8. Urban Spaceman  G
  9. Putting on the Style  C
  10. City of New Orleans  C
  11. Hi Ho Silver Lining  A
  12. Delilah  Dm
Extras:   Save the Last Dance for Me  C
              Hot Love  G